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A fitness professional with a lifetime of experience in sport and fitness, holder of a BEng in Sports Design Engineering, REPS certified Personal Trainer operating in the Scottish Highlands.

Here to push and empower you, building from the ground up and achieving those health and fitness goals you’ve always wanted. I specialise in combining strength training with HiiT circuit training specific to your situation and goals. 

Reece Byrne

My Name is Reece Byrne, I am a newly qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer with over 12 years personal experience in resistance training. Within the last 6 years I have gained specific knowledge in the areas of Bodybuilding, Powerlifting and MMA through my own training, whilst taking part in more athletic sports in my youth.
My focus for training physically is within strength, hypertrophy and fat loss. However, my niche is within the mental side of training, I am extremely passionate about mental health, psychology and helping those create a better version of themselves. Whether it’s mindset, motivation, building habits and looking for some positive change in their journey. I conglomerate both of these sides into my training, this is following my motto ‘helping those inexorably become a better version of themselves’ – a way that is impossible to stop, with the main focus building the strength you have inside you.

Hannah Maclellan

My name is Hannah Maclellan, I have been a personal trainer and online coach for over 6 years, helping hundreds of people transform their bodies and mindsets. I specialise in fat loss, muscle gain, photoshoot and competition prep and can help you achieve your strength and performance goals.
With over 10 years training experience, a variety of nutrition qualifications and having been a competitive bodybuilder for 5 years I am ready to work with any client from beginners – who are completely new to the gym to advanced athletes- who are taking their training to a new level. 
I offer both in person and online coaching as well as tailored nutrition and training plans.

Katie Marais

My name is Katie Marais, I am 49yrs old and have over 10 year’s experience in the fitness industry. I am a group fitness instructor, remedial sports therapist and personal trainer, I also take outdoor bootcamps on the last Sunday of each month. Alongside personal training, I cover nutrition coaching to enable you to reach and smash your goals, make lifestyle changes that last and help you get the balance in life that you need.
My client base varies but I am currently working closely with over 50’s, focusing on weight loss, weight gain, maintenance, injury rehab and getting lean and strong. I offer both single(1-1) and buddy (2-1) sessions. 
Although my books are currently full, I am happy to add you to my waiting list, get in touch to find out more.